Sex for Geeks

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Got porn?

Got the new shiny video iPod? Looks like Guba has the right stuff for you new toy -- pr0n!
Better still, every newsgroup on GUBA has a nifty "subscribe to Feed in iTunes" button at the top of the page: When I clicked that, I downloaded a .pcast file that loads into iTunes and sets it up to download new movies from the selected group as fast as they appear (bandwidth permitting, and you can eat a lot of it this way). An endless gusher of porn, shooting from the hose faster than you could ever hope to consume it. (I could dirty up that metaphor if you liked.)

Taken from Eros Blog.

Monday, December 05, 2005

No sex please, we're geeks

As Paulina Borsook of puts it:
Forget H-1B visas. In Silicon Valley the biggest immigration problem may be sex. People come from all over to work in the valley -- from other states and other countries. It's =hard= to make connections. Foreign nationals may have been schooled in the universal language of mathematics, but they may also be caught in a neuterland. That is, the rules of attraction and courtship they grew up with in Pakistan and Turkey don't apply here; dating, West Coast style, can be confounding even for the natives.


An interesting read:
This is the story of how the Sweetman family; Sam, Caroline and their Children Toby, Tara and Tabitha all move to England and the rural village of Summerisle. The family has moved to the village for Sam’s new job, which is to oversee the legal business of Lord Summerisle, the head of the village’s ruling family.

There is something odd about the village as the Sweetman’s soon discover; a languid air and a palpable atmosphere of sexual looseness. Soon every member of the family is experiencing a change in there attitudes and a abandonment of the morals they brought with them over the ocean.

Get the whole story here.